01/07/2020 - 19:00

Customer experience key for business success in a Covid-19 ready age

01/07/2020 - 19:00


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We aren’t completely “post Covid-19” – when our new case numbers dropped to zero in Western Australia cheers could be heard far and wide, but the livestock ship brought more than an empty vessel to our port.

Customer experience key for business success in a Covid-19 ready age

We aren’t completely “post Covid-19” – when our new case numbers dropped to zero in Western Australia cheers could be heard far and wide, but the livestock ship brought more than an empty vessel to our port. In came new coronavirus cases, new concerns about border control and a friendly yet unwanted reminder that the virus is active around the world. As we watch Victoria battle outbreaks, WA businesses must take action to continue to be safe but stand out and attract cliental.

Around the State organisations are opening, albeit with a new semblance of normal, amid echoes of the Federal Government’s campaign of “we must be coronavirus ready, but we must restart our economy.” Restrictions continue to ease, while eager WA business owners set about to rethink and revise their offerings. With social distancing still a requirement and sanitisers the welcome mat for your hands, how do you ensure customers feel appreciated, become loyal and your business continues to be memorable to them? A key to this rethink is a focus on customer experience.

Firstly, how do we define customer experience? In broad terms it is the impact of the organisation’s touchpoints on a customer and the touchpoints can be both direct, as in those created by the business, or indirect, as in those that are outside of the control of the business. At Market Creations we take care to consider all elements of customer experience, mapping all touchpoints when devising a marketing strategy for a client. By putting the customer experience first, we can develop a positive and actionable plan.

Your brand

Your brand story and brand attributes form the overarching touchpoint and should be impactful and memorable as well as be a true representation of your business. In a sense your brand is what entwines your customer with you and is a controllable touchpoint. Market Creations’ marketing consultants work with clients to detail brand attributes and ensure they are a true reflection as well as aspirational of the organisation.

Your brand also generates the look and feel of your organisation, whether that be fun and modern or classic yet forward thinking or traditional and trustworthy. How your brand should be represented is entrusted into the creativity of a graphic designer. As you rethink your business, a refresh of your logo may be just what is needed to announce an improved focus on customer experience for your organisation. Market Creations’ graphic designers work collaboratively to create unique designs that reflect your strategic direction.

Digital touchpoints

Further touchpoints include all things digital; your website, social media platforms and intranet. Improving the experience your customers have when interacting with your online presence can benefit the perception of your business. It can also help to counter any uncontrollable touchpoints, such as online critiques and ratings.

At Market Creations our websites are built with the end user in mind. At all times we consider how they navigate to find the information they need and how they can communicate with you or transact with you more easily. These benefits enhance the customer experience.

Similarly, your social media presence is a major consideration for customer experience. Here your personality is the major focus - social media reflects your beliefs, showcases wins and presents human interest stories. Engaging on these platforms further develops the perception of your business personality and the experience your customer has with you.

Just as important is your internal digital touchpoints, for example a user friendly, functional and up to date intranet can improve the quality of communication with your staff. In this manner your staff experience with their workplace is improved, they feel more connected and invested and they become your best advocates and ambassadors of the organisation.  

Crisis plans

Perhaps an area that many businesses forget are the value of crisis plans. The pandemic has no doubt brought this to top of mind for many. However, how does this relate to customer experience?

How your business responds in a crisis can create a lingering memory for a customer, it is vital to be prepared and ensure that memory is a positive one. Your plan should extend to the coordination of customer service teams, website, social media and traditional media response. Market Creations assists businesses with scenario planning to develop crisis plans and response methods, ensuring customer’s expectations of a personalised response are met and the company values are upheld during a crisis.


Technology has weaved itself through all our procedures and having great working systems will enhance your business. Upgrading legacy systems and moving your systems to the cloud makes for improved efficiencies with timely upgrades important as customer expectations for a tailored experience continue to grow. With consumer behaviour changing and methods of working continuing to evolve, being able to respond to a request from anywhere effortlessly will help to cement customer loyalty. Market Creations ICT have seen a rapid rise in take up of cloud solutions and can help to migrate your systems, providing a solution that considers your entire organisational needs. 

Opportunity to be strategic

As we step forward from the downtime forced upon us, we must see it as an opportunity to improve, reimagine and upgrade. Whether that be relaunching your brand, website or improving your systems - being strategic in your focus on how each of these elements of your business can improve customer experience can be a key to success long term.

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