14/10/2019 - 15:33

Corporate finance deals Oct 7 to 11 2019

14/10/2019 - 15:33


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A summary of last week's smaller deals that did not get included in our daily news coverage.

Corporate finance deals Oct 7 to 11 2019

Consolidated Zinc has closed its entitlement offer raising an additional $2.5 million at the same 1.1 cents a share price as the previously announced placement.


Eve Investments has raised $9.3 million through a $2.4 million placement at 0.5 cents a share, and a $6.9 million placement at 1 cent a share.


Mineral Commodities has completed its acquisition of Skaland Graphite.


Todd River Resources has closed its $1.9 million entitlement offer. The shortfall of $ 1 million will be placed with the underwriter.


Blackham Resources has completed the sale of the Lake Way project to Salt Lake Potash for $10 million. Blackham had already received $3 million in cash, and has now received the remaining $7 million.


Paladin Energy has closed its share purchase plan with $1.5 million in applications received.


Neurotech International has raised $600,000 through a convertible note issue.


GBM Resources has raised $300,000 through a placement at 0.33 cents a share.


Blackstone Minerals has received $116,500 in subscriptions to its share purchase plan.


JV Global has raised $70,000 through a placement at 2 cents a share.


Indiana Resources has completed the placement of the shortfall to its entitlement offer. The shortfall offer has raised an additional $851,520 at 2.4 cents a share, bringing the total raised through the initial placement and entitlement offer to $1,523,940.


Platina Resources has closed its share purchase plan, having received $1.16 million in applications from shareholders.


Pura Vida Energy has completed its entitlement offer, raising $2.7 million in addition to the initial $1 million raised through a placement in July.


Saracen Mineral Holdings has completed the acquisition of Talisman Mining’s Sinclair nickel project.


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