05/08/2019 - 17:15

Corporate finance deals Jul 29 to Aug 2 2019

05/08/2019 - 17:15


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A summary of last week's smaller deals that did not get included in our daily news coverage.

Corporate finance deals Jul 29 to Aug 2 2019

Ironbark Zinc has completed its share purchase plan, raising $2 million at 1.5 cents a share.


Kingwest Resources has raised $4 million through a placement at 15 cents a share.


De.mem has announced an agreement to acquire Pumptech Tasmania, a provider of water and waste water treatment systems. Consideration comprises $900,000 in cash and $150,000 in shares.


Mount Burgess Mining plans to place 32.5 million shares at 0.2 cents a share to raise $65,000.


Peak Resources is moving to 100 per cent ownership of the Ngualla rare earth project, with the acquisition of Appian Pinnacle HoldCo’s and International Finance Corporation’s combined 25 per cent holding in Peak African Minerals, the holding company of the Ngualla assets. The acquisition will be a scrip deal, with Peak planning to issue a total of 391.8 million shares in consideration.


TNG has closed its entitlement offer, with $2.2 million of shares validly applied for. The shortfall of $2.7 million has been placed with the underwriter Deutsche Balaton.


Sun Resources has reached an agreement with its Bowsprit Field joint venture partner, Pinnacle Energy International, to purchase Pinnacle’s 50 per cent of the project for $US250,000 and a 5 per cent gross royalty.


Advanced Braking Technology has announced a $214,000 convertible notes issue.


Ragnar Metals has chosen not to exercise its option to acquire a 51 per cent interest in Karlowa Mining Enterprises, a Namibian-based company which holds the Brandberg Project. Ragnar will instead refocus on its Swedish assets


Cape Lambert has obtained a $15 million finance facility with Winance Investment. Cape Lambert has drawn down an initial $1.2 million of this convertible note facility.

Another company related to Tony Sage, European Lithium, has also signed a finance facility with Winance. European Lithium’s new $10 million convertible notes facility replaces the one it signed with Magna in 2018. European Lithium plans to draw down an initial $2 million tranche of funding.


Oilex has raised £334,529 through the placement of 257 million shares at 0.13 pence a share.


Po Valley Energy has raised $1.4 million through a placement at 5.5 cents a share.


Venus Metals Corporation has announced a $1.2 million placement at 20 cents a share.


Spectrum Metals has raised $7.25 million through a placement at 6.25 cents a share.


Gulf Manganese Corporation has announced a deal to acquire a 20 per cent stake in Timor Leste focused manganese explorer Iron Fortune. Total consideration will be $400,000.


Sabre Resources has signed an agreement to acquire Power Metals Pty Ltd, which holds the Bonanza Gold Project. Consideration for the acquisition will be the issue of 8 million shares. Sabre has also announced plans to raise $905,230 through a share placement at 0.3 cents a share.


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