03/02/2020 - 17:19

Corporate finance deals Jan 27 to 31 2020

03/02/2020 - 17:19


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A summary of the smaller deals from last week, which may not have been included in our daily news coverage.

Corporate finance deals Jan 27 to 31 2020

Oilex has announced that it will sell its 40 participating interest in Bhandut PSC to Kiri and Company Logistics Private for $US140,000. 

Oilex has announced the sale of all its interests in the Cooper-Eromanga Basin to Doriemus for 28.3 million CHESS depositary interests, valuing the transaction at approximately $764,000 based on the most recent Doriemus share price. 


New Energy Minerals has informed shareholders that it has agreed to a variation in the terms of the prosed sale of its 50 per cent stake in Balama Resources. The purchase price has been halved to $3.5 million, however the bidder has agreed to provide New Energy with an additional $1 million pre-completion loan.


WestStar Industrial has completed its acquisition of Alltype Engineering.


Resolute Mining has negotiated a deal to terminate the ongoing 1.1 per cent gold royalty held over Toro Gold’s Mako gold project in Senegal, for an upfront payment of $US12 million by Resolute to the royalty holders.


Blina Minerals has announced a placement of 825 million shares to raise $247,000. Of these, 550 million shares will be issued at 0.04 cents a share, and 275 million entitlement shares at 0.01 cents a share.


Artemis Resources has raised $2 million through a placement at 2.5 cents a share.


Krakatoa Resources has raised $1.32 million through the placement of 43.75 million shares at 3 cents a share.


Hammer Metals has closed its share purchase plan with $489,800 in acceptances and $646,100 in additional shortfall applications. The offer and shortfall placement raised a total of $1.14 million, in addition to the $1.5 million raised in December through a placement at the same price of 2.2 cents a share.


Korab Resources has announced the withdrawal of its $1.16 million entitlement offer and returned all application monies to investors. The company has announced a placement to raise $110,000 at 1.1 cents a share.


Northern Star Resources has completed its share purchase plan, raising an additional $50 million at $9 a share.


Castile Resources has listed on the ASX following a spin out from Westgold Resources. The company raised $20 million through an entitlement offer to Westgold Resources shareholders.


Syndicated Metals has raised $700,000 through a placement at 0.5 cents a share.


WhiteHawk has announced a placement and equity swap worth $1.5 million.


Sabre Resources has completed the acquisition of Power Metals , which owns the Bonanza Gold Project.


AustSino Resources Group has raised $441,750 in addition to $1.9 million in previous placements in the past two months.


Estrella Resources plans to raise $450,000 through the issue of unlisted convertible notes. The notes will have an interest rate of 12 per cent per annum, and a conversion price of 1 cent a share.


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