03/09/2020 - 15:24

Container deposit refund points announced

03/09/2020 - 15:24


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Western Australians can now see where their closest container deposit refund point will be located, ahead of the scheme's October 1 start date.

Container deposit refund points announced
WA is the sixth state or territory to adopt a container deposit scheme.

Western Australians can now see where their closest container deposit refund point will be located, ahead of the scheme's October 1 start date. 

The Containers for Change website now lists the location, opening hours and details of the 200 refund points in the state.

The refund points are operated by 74 organisations, 35 per cent of which are operated by social enterprises and not-for-profits, 15 per cent by local governments, and the remaining 50 per cent by commercial operators.

There will be 94 depots, where containers can be counted and refunds can be processed on the spot, and 53 bag drop locations, allowing people to drop their containers and receive a refund later.

Businesses approved by the scheme have organised 47 pop-up locations at places where people meet regularly, like farmers markets, and six reverse vending machines, which can scan and count containers and offer a refund immediately.

One reverse vending machine will be located in the Perth CBD, on Roe Street.

Refunds, of 10 cents per item, will be available in cash or via a bank deposit, or people can choose to donate the money to a community group or local charity.

Despite concerns from the recycling sector that the scheme was not as convenient as it could be, Environment Minister Stephen Dawson said he was committed to ensuring all Western Australians would have the opportunity to return containers and receive a refund, or donate it to a community group. 

"Containers for Change will help improve recycling rates and reduce litter, while also providing a new funding stream for our charities and community groups, and employment opportunities across the state," he said. 

Mr Dawson said the scheme would create 500 jobs. 

Western Australia Return Recycle Renew chief executive Tim Cusack said all the involved businesses were preparing their sites to start collecting containers on October 1.

Mr Cusack said WARRRL was starting a media and advertisement campaign on Monday, and was confident all Western Australians would know about the scheme by the start date.

All drink containers collected after October 1 will be eligible to be collected by the scheme.

Most bottles and cans, from about 150 millilitres to three litres, are included.

However, wine bottles and large milk cartons are not eligible.

Mr Dawson said wine bottles were not included in the scheme to make it consistent with other states and territories.

The locations of refund points can be found here: www.containersforchange.com.au/wa/where-return


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