Construction contracts and tenders November 2 to 15 2017

Quality Builders, Maintenance and Construction Services Australia, Woodland Contractors, Orixon, and Fleetwood Corporation have shared in a $100 million panel contract for the state-wide provision of modular building relocation and refurbishment services. The Department of Finance has appointed Orixon to the refurbishment panel, and the four other contractors to both the refurbishment and relocation panels under the contract. The contract has an initial period of three years to October 2020, but could be extended to a final expiry date of October 2022.

The Department of Transport has awarded a $3.3 million contract to Maritime Constructions for the design and construction of the Burswood Public Jetty. The jetty forms part of the marine structures component of the Perth Stadium project.

The Rottnest Island Authority has awarded Colgan Industries a $657,851 contract to perform work on the 150-year-old Rottnest Island Sea Wall. The work is intended to shore up the stability of the wall by relieving the impact of soil pressure and tree roots.


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