12/08/2016 - 15:59

Construction contracts July 28 to August 10

12/08/2016 - 15:59


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The fortnight's summary of construction contracts and tenders.

Perkins Builders has won a contract for construction work at the Hocart Lodge aged care facility in Harvey. The state government announced a $3.6 million investment in the facility under the Royalty for Regions scheme in July last year. It was then announced that the work would involve the construction of two 30-bed ‘pods’, each consisting of two 15-bed wings.

Saunders International has been awarded a $1.1 million contract for landscape and conservation works on the heritage-listed Warders’ Cottages in Fremantle. The first stage of conservation work on the convict-built cottages started in March last year, after Colgan Industries won the contract for that portion on the work. The cottages consist of three sets of terraced housing used by prison warders until Fremantle Prison’s closing in 1991.

Refurbishment work for the Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission offices at 111 St Georges Terrace will be performed by SHAPE Australia under a $1 million contract.

ADCO ConstructionsOnslow Health Service redevelopmentAug 15estperth@adcoconstruct.com.au
ADCO ConstructionsJurien Bay Health ServiceAug 19estperth@adcoconstruct.com.au
ADCO ConstructionsWongan Hills Health ServiceAug 19estperth@adcoconstruct.com.au
ADCO ConstructionsYork Health ServiceAug 19estperth@adcoconstruct.com.au
BGC ConstructionBeverley Health CentreAug 16tenders@bgcconstruction.com
BGC ConstructionPingelly Health CentreAug 16tenders@bgcconstruction.com
BGC ConstructionCapel schoolAug 22tenders@bgcconstruction.com
BGC ConstructionBooragoon - Riseley St mixed use developmentSep 1tenders@bgcconstruction.com
BGC ConstructionJoondalup - Dept of Finance office developmentSep 5tenders@bgcconstruction.com
Broad Construction ServicesNarrogin health service redevelopmentAug 24tenders@broad.com.au
BuiltClaremont on the ParkAug 17estimatingwa@built.com.au
Classic ContractorsJohn Calvin School - CapelAug 23brett@classiccontractors.com.au
CockramOnslow Health Service redevelopmentAug 15tenderswa@cockram.com
CockramPingelly Health CentreAug 18tenderswa@cockram.com
CockramNarrogin health service redevelopmentAug 26tenderswa@cockram.com
Colgan IndustriesRockingham Regional Memorial Park CrematoriumAug 17grahame@colgan.com.au
Colgan IndustriesSt Lawrence PrimaryAug 17grahame@colgan.com.au
Crothers ConstructionSJoG Mt Lawley - kitchen refurbishmentAug 23tso@crothers.com.au
Devlyn ConstructionsSouthern Cross Health ServiceAug 19tim@devlyn.com.au
Devlyn Constructions BunburyBunbury District Police Complex Upgrade WorksAug 24gordon@devlyn.com.au
DGX ConstructionRockingham Regional Memorial Park CrematoriumAug 15tenders@diploma.com.au
EMCO BuildingBooragoon - Riseley St mixed use developmentSep 1tenders@emco.com.au
Firm ConstructionDalwallinu Health ServiceAug 20tenders@firmconstruction.com.au
Firm ConstructionJurien Bay Health ServiceAug 20tenders@firmconstruction.com.au
Firm ConstructionMoora Health ServiceAug 20tenders@firmconstruction.com.au
Firm ConstructionSouthern Cross Health ServiceAug 20tenders@firmconstruction.com.au
Firm ConstructionWongan Hills Health ServiceAug 20tenders@firmconstruction.com.au
Jaxon GroupWest Perth - Camilla ApartmentsAug 16tenders@jaxon.net.au
Lanskey ConstructionsColes Express Kwinana BeachAug 18tenders-wa@lanskey.com.au
Lanskey ConstructionsJohn Calvin School - CapelAug 24tenders-wa@lanskey.com.au
LKS ConstructionsPerth Mint assay lab expansionAug 19reception@lksconstructions.com.au
NortherlyHis Majesty's TheatreAug 19tenders@northerly.com.au
NortherlyBooragoon - Riseley St mixed use developmentAug 23tenders@northerly.com.au
PACT ConstructionBooragoon - Riseley St mixed use developmentAug 24tenders@pactconstruction.com.au
PACT ConstructionJoondalup - Dept of Finance office developmentSep 5tenders@pactconstruction.com.au
PerkinsBunbury District Police Complex Upgrade WorksAug 17tenders@perkinsbuilders.com.au
PerkinsJohn Calvin School - CapelAug 24tenders@perkinsbuilders.com.au
PerkinsNarrogin health service redevelopmentAug 26tenders@perkinsbuilders.com.au
PindanBunbury District Police Complex Upgrade WorksAug 17tenders@pindan.com.au
PindanWest Perth - Camilla ApartmentsAug 17tenders@pindan.com.au
PindanPerth Mint assay lab expansionAug 19tenders@pindan.com.au
PindanPingelly Health CentreAug 19tenders@pindan.com.au
PindanJohn Calvin School - CapelAug 24tenders@pindan.com.au
PindanNarrogin health service redevelopmentAug 26tenders@pindan.com.au
Pindan ContractingDalwallinu Health ServiceAug 19tenders.contracting@pindan.com.au
Pindan ContractingJurien Bay Health ServiceAug 19tenders.contracting@pindan.com.au
Pindan ContractingMoora Health ServiceAug 19tenders.contracting@pindan.com.au
Pindan ContractingWongan Hills Health ServiceAug 19tenders.contracting@pindan.com.au
PyramidWest Perth - Camilla ApartmentsAug 16tenders@pyramidwa.net.au
Rivett ConstructionKerry Street Community SchoolAug 18info@rivettcs.com.au
Sime Building and ConstructionPingelly Health CentreAug 19reg@simebuilding.com.au
Solution 4 BuildingSt Lawrence PrimaryAug 17tenders@solution4building.com.au
Thomas BuildingMixed use development - SamsonAug 19reception@thomasbuilding.com.au
Universal ConstructionsRockingham Regional Memorial Park CrematoriumAug 15estimating@universalconstructions.com.au
Universal ConstructionsPerth Mint assay lab expansionAug 19estimating@universalconstructions.com.au
Virtue BuildersKerry Street Community SchoolAug 17basel@virtuebuilders.com.au


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