Forest Alliance spokesperson Jess Beckerling. (Photo: Vanessa Hunter)

Conservationists furious over forest framework

Conservation groups are gearing up to launch a major public campaign against the state government, after the release of a new 10-year draft strategy for the management of Western Australia’s forests.


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Outer Mongolia (really)
What a bunch of wally's those conservationaist/greenies are! oooh! 37.5%!! aargh - 50%!! An increase of an already small amount of a pretty large pie. Let's face it, they will not be happy until no logging is done, there is no industry, and they are all sitting around in the forest on unemployment benefits, wondering what to use for loo paper. (the greenies AND the ex-forestry workers). Their outrage at government actually making a decision just shows they have no clue about business, government or how a real society works. Not unexpected after the failed experiment called the watermellon government; it looks pretty green on the outside, and robust, but open it up and it falls apart with loads of red (commie anarchists, not labor), with occasional irritating black bits. Finally, almost too late, it is realised that the vocal greens will never be satisfied until there is no industry at all, and everyone is employed in tourism. And lives in tents. With no electricity. or cars. or water. Or air...

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