Congestion kills Perth’s easygoing appeal

We need to get over our blinkered opposition to high-density living in Perth.


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Mark, you've hit the nail on the head. NIMBY (Not in my back yard) is alive and well in Perth. There is a direct link between protectionist, small local governments who control the planning schemes and land use zoning, and the lack of infill and medium density development. Ever tried to subdivide and develop the quarter acre in Applecross, Bicton, Nedlands, Claremont, Cottesloe? It's a nightmare! Increase the density around transport nodes (particularly rail), the river (bring back the high speed ferry!) and the ocean and purchase additional public open space to compensate. Most of all, clear the red tape and all the market to respond to the demand.

Why should the world revolve around debt amortisation? Have you ever youtubed 'fractional reserve banking'? Perth has been rented out chap. Your red tape solution is as old as the hills. Instead of complaining about the government why don't you complain about the banks? Don't you know the banks control the money supply and that they love it when people point the finger at the government because doing so takes the attention away from the bankers. NIMBY is exactly what this City needed 10 years ago, if the politicians and banks gave the local inhabitants what they wanted back then (which was low house prices, easy going lifestyles) we wouldn't have the problem in the first place. Your missing the causal drivers. I'd love to see the mining 'boom' bust tomorrow and all these rent seekers loose money on their houses. Banks, rent seekers, and miners have raped the City of Perth and hardly anyone in the media is talking about it (because miners, banks and real estate agents pay the media to advertise their debt-ponzi-scheme-China-building-junk). Town planners are not educated in economics (see all the units they study at UWA and Curtin). Economists are not educated in Austrian economic theory. Perth is being rented out by banks and miners my friend. The best thing to do is to educate oneself, start by youtubing fractional reserve banking, and then youtube 'money as debt'.

The root of the congestion problem are: 1) Immigration instigated by government; 2) A political ideology that aims for never ending growth as defined by low interest rates, low unemployment, and debt amortisation; 3) Real estate agents bias; 4) Banks from period 2000 to 2010 lending out money to anyone and everyone to buy up existing stock so the new owners can rent the house out without them having to ever actually having to build a new house and add new stock; 5) The stupidity and bias of popular media including commercial television, major and minor newspapers; 6) Human nature and the attitude "Once I get financially free I'll stop making money by paper shuffling, usury, and rent seeking". All these points can be boiled down to us using fiat money instead of real money, and behind that is our poor financial literacy that knows 0% about Austrian economics and 100% about b.s. economics.

i have operated ferry / charter vessels from Barrack St. Jetties in excess of 30 years having seen many proposals to make our Perth Waterfront more friendly , even appealing but am appalled that the WORST of all proposals put forward in these 30 years is the one that is being IMPOSED on the people & visitors of Western Australia i have sent " private confidential " emails to Colin Barnett nominating numerous DESIGN flaws in this Elizabeth Quay fiasco !! The Premier has ignored my emails & those of various Planners architects who have major concerns of the various facets of the Inlet DESIGN , specifications & especially the operations that are to be PROPELLED into an area of water that will not flush as evidenced on 6PR morning show with Paul Murray by the Water Resources Professor of U.W.A. who stated that the water " may " flush once every 170 days i was at a meeting hosted by the M.R.A. where their nominated engineer stated " the water would flush one & a half times per day..!! i objected strongly to that statement as early White settlement had this area as " mud flats " when we actually had rain & river flushing JETTIES had to be built out over the mud into the deep water ( where Barrack St. Jetties are currently..) !! Our forefathers were smarter than current academics designers politicians because they understood that the area " obviously " did not flush even before the current reduction of rain water runoff into the Swan River system but we have an Emperor & he is smarter than GOD How the Queen of England / Australia has agreed for HER name to be associated with this DISASTER is unbelievable..!! " chopping Riverside Drive " ...somebody should be put in JAIL..!!

So what you are saying is Barnett is once again ignoring intelligent and sensible advice for a major issue of importance to the people of Perth. Well doesn't he always. !!

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