Congestion blamed on tailgaters

Tailgaters are exacerbating Perth’s increasing congestion problem with new research showing they account for the significant majority of crashes on the city’s freeways.


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I've been involved in transport related matters for around fifty years and my observations of tailgating is largely caused by road hogs blocking traffic in the passing lanes. On causes of congestion is mainly caused by our obsession to only travel by car when using a much smaller vehicle to commute such as a motorbike or scooter would equally get us to the same place. I know when I ride my freeway speed electric scooter, I am never troubled by congestion nor waste time, get frustrated or cause polution.

I think, or suspect, that the RAC are freely interpreting tail-end collisions as all being the result of tailgating. Makes the RAC look authoritative don’t you think? Let me suggest that tail-end collisions are likely to be the most frequently reported of all accidents; just a suspicion from 50 years of driving. Of course, the ‘fault’ in tail end collisions is always attributed to the following driver i.e. the following driver, ‘failed to observe’, ‘was driving too close’, ‘failed to drive so as to avoid a collision’, etc, etc. By definition it cannot be the fault of the preceding driver – if, and only if, you accept that the preceding driver is free to do as they like. It is an inconvenient truth that we have poor, inexperienced, and indeed incompetent, drivers on our roads and freeways – who actually cause accidents. ‘Fault’ is seldom a discrete factor in tail-end accidents in fact. Neither can it be conveniently claimed that all such accidents are the result of specific ’tailgating’ per se. Lumping all tail–end accidents under the heading of ’tailgating’ is spurious isn’t it? Check it out, I’ll bet I’m right.

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