15/08/2006 - 08:53

Computronics appoints new MD as Hansen looks to strategy

15/08/2006 - 08:53


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Bentley-based electronics producer Computronics Holdings Ltd subsidiary Computronics Corporation Ltd has appointed David Sharp as its new Managing Director.

Computronics appoints new MD as Hansen looks to strategy

Bentley-based electronics producer Computronics Holdings Ltd subsidiary Computronics Corporation Ltd has appointed David Sharp as its new Managing Director.

The company has also appointed a new non-executive board member, Andrew Simpson, who has a 30-year track record of international marketing.

Mr Sharp, previously the company's executive director, takes over the Managing Director role from company founder Ole Hansen, who will devote his attention to developing the company's strategic direction.

Mr Sharp is a 25-year veteran of the company, having joined Mr Hansen's business as Sales and Marketing Manager in 1982 and jointly forming Computronics with him in 1984.

The company had grown from a base of agricultural technology to incorporate an electronic display systems business and electronic components distribution business to help offset seasonal variations in the business.

Mr Sharp said the company had faced declining profits over the past two years and he planned to restructure operations and refocus the company's activities into core products within each division, and to increase capacity to penetrate new markets.

He indicated that while the company was dominant in the Australian agricultural market, serious drought conditions for the last two years had adversely affected profitability.

"We have enormous opportunities in a growing global market for cost saving technology in agriculture and must focus our product offering to be globally competitive'' Mr Sharp said.

"The agricultural application control technologies we have developed are moving into the mainstream of the market and business opportunities are increasing rapidly. We aim to position ourselves with key players internationally to form effective partnerships in those target markets.

"Our agricultural application technology is leading the way in bringing farmers increased efficiencies in the positioning and control of fertiliser, spray and seed inputs, as well as in application mapping and information for quality assurance and record keeping''

He said the signs division had established a strong core business in the Australian cinemas, transport and entertainment information systems market and it was now expanding to service the growing demand for point of sale marketing and outdoor public information systems.

"The use of public information systems to roll-out messages to the public at street level is expanding. Earlier this year we were appointed the exclusive supplier to Streetsmart and Streetscape for displays for traffic information, crowd management, terror alerts and community information, providing product for projects in Australia and overseas.''

"We also won our first job in Vietnam involving a two-year roll-out of a hybrid cinema information system that offers both advertising and movie session information. It has also gained a valuable contract in the gaming industry.''

The addition of Mr Simpson as a non-executive board member will bring a new perspective to help leverage the company's leading position and develop new overseas markets. As a highly respected company director at a number of other public companies in Western Australia, he has been instrumental in delivering organisational change and improved profitability.

Paul Rengal has resigned as a non-executive Director but will remain involved with the company as an adviser to the Audit Sub-Committee of the Board. Mr Rengal has made a valuable contribution to the company prior to and after its IPO.

The restructured board will work closely with management to improve sales and profitability.


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