20/07/2004 - 22:00

Communication focus for RAC

20/07/2004 - 22:00


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Communication focus for RAC

RAC has jumped two places to rank third among WA Business News’s most recognised brands.

And, as with many of Western Australia’s most recognised brands, RAC also rated highly as one of the State’s most successful older brands.

RAC as a motoring organisation dates back to 1918.

It’s a radically different company today, offering a range of insurance products, roadside assistance, and security services.

Communicating the different business units with greater cohesion and consistency will be the focus for The Brand Agency’s account work this year, according to The Brand Agency partner Colin McKay-Coghill.

“There will be some changes coming up to make things a bit more consistent,” he told WA Business News.

“It’s the kind of business that is interesting because there are so many different business operations under the one brand.

“Each business has to represent a single-minded proposition to a marketplace at a point in time. We’re moving towards more consistency.”

What worked well across all the businesses were the brand attributes of trust, security, and service, Mr McKay-Coghill said.

“We’ve looked at a number of propositions that has been the basis for ads this year, like knowledge and being the claims specialist, accessibility and the fact that RAC employees are there to take the call, and the network of quality service providers,” he said.


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