22/11/2012 - 15:35

City of Perth worried about stadium impact

22/11/2012 - 15:35


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City of Perth worried about stadium impact

The City of Perth has called on the state government to properly assess the impact its plans for a 60,000 seat major stadium at Burswood will have on residents and businesses in the East Perth area.

Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi said an integrated and coordinate strategic planning approach was needed, with a detailed traffic impact statement and consultations regarding a pedestrian bridge the main priority.

Ms Scaffidi said the council would prefer for pedestrian traffic to be channelled well to the south of the East Perth residential village.

“The Council is not opposed to the siting of the sports stadium at Burswood,” Ms Scaffidi said.

“However, I am getting a lot of feedback from concerned residents in East Perth. They are very worried about the likely impact of this major project on their area.

“Some are angry that they seem to have been left out of the government’s planning process.”

Ms Scaffidi said parking was also an issue, with spectators who choose to drive to matches dramatically worsening the situation.

“We all must work together to understand the implications of the stadium and the proposed pedestrian bridge which will funnel thousands of people into the neighbourhood on a regular basis,” she said.

“Businesses will be adversely affected by the lack of parking for their regular customers.”


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