30/10/2014 - 09:27

Chinese back Bunbury film facility

30/10/2014 - 09:27


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Chinese back Bunbury film facility
The Vue Group managing director Alan Lindsay

A Chinese animation company has agreed to help fund construction of a speciality movie production studio in Bunbury which could see the South West town become a national centre of excellence.

The Shanghai Hippo Animation Design Company has joined forces with Bunbury-based Vue Group to establish a purpose-built movie production and training facility.

It’s understood the project will include a five-storey facility and take in up to 300 students for training per year.

Today’s signing of a memorandum of understanding between Alan Lindsay and Helen Clucas from Vue Group and Kerr Xu of Shanghai Hippo comes nearly a year after the two companies announced their first collaboration.

In December 2013 Vue Group and Shanghai Hippo signed deals to co-finance up to three films with the total production value exceeding $57 million.

The collaboration was expected to add $15 million to the South West economy for each year of production.


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