28/01/2022 - 11:49

Changes to $380 million The Grove approved

28/01/2022 - 11:49


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Changes include revisions to the colour scheme that drew criticism from a state design review panel.

Changes to $380 million The Grove approved
A revised render of The Grove.

A joint development assessment panel has unanimously approved revisions to Blackburne’s $380 millon The Grove Residences apartment development, which include reducing the number of apartments and darkening the colour scheme.

The Town of Claremont recently supported Blackburne’s request to change the number of dwellings at The Grove from 229, from an initial 245 approved in July and 235 approved in September last year.

MJA Studio, which designed the 1 Airlie Street complex, sought changes to the colour scheme to some of the buildings as part of the amendments.

Ahead of today’s JDAP, the state design review panel advised that the changes from light to charcoal finishes “do not align with what was supported by the SDRP and depart from key aspects of the design intent communicated to and approved by the JDAP”.

In the meeting, Town of Claremont councillor Kate Main expressed concern about the impact of the darker colours on the apartments’ environmental credentials and aesthetics.

She told the JDAP that the environmentally friendliness of the building was a big reason why it was approved and said darker colours would dimmish the developments “light and airy” structure.

“It is much darker, much more dominant than what the original design was intended to be,” she said.

“There needs to be caution when looking at an overall design, there’s a significant difference [and the state design review panel went through a long and exhaustive process.”

MJA Studio design director Jimmy Thompson told the JDAP the project would project maintain its elements of energy efficiency.

“Colour contrast is a useful tool for designers [and is] used in recess areas that is going to receive shadow,” he said.

“It’s about creating contrast between different forms.”

Planning Solutions, which submitted the development application on Blackburne’s behalf, sought to remove the requirement for the SDRP to assess further changes to the development.

The Metro Inner-North JDAP approved the submission with a three to one vote, with councillor Main opposing.

A vote on the overall design changes to the development were approved unanimously, and JDAP members commented that the changes were minor in the scheme of the entire project.

The earlier approved development. 

The end value of the development was earmarked as $350 million in mid-2021, but Blackburne managing director Paul Blackburne said that has increased by at least $30 million.  

Blackburne’s revised development application increases the number of four-bedroom dwellings from 11 to 29 and reduces the overall residential plot ratio by 13 square metres.

Mr Blackburne said the development had drawn $250 million in pre-sales and several high-profile Western Australians had invested in the complex.

He said ground floor commercial tenancies were set to be released shortly, which he expected to be fully-leased within two months.

He said the build was proceeding as planned, with the development expected to be finished within the next two years.

“Multiplex has advised that we do not have any delays due to COVID,” Mr Blackburne said.

“Multiplex and ourselves have measures in place that help prevent potential delays such as ordering supplies earlier than usual to mitigate against supply chain delays.”



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