26/11/2008 - 22:00

Chaney sings Argenti’s praises

26/11/2008 - 22:00


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The Note has mentioned the magic word Argenti previously but was drawn back to the corporate planning system this week when local business hero Michael Chaney got up to laud its qualities. Speaking at the official launch of Barrington Consulting Group’s entry into the Argenti world of advisers, Mr Chaney surprised the blue-chip crowd by choosing not to discuss at length his use of the system at Wesfarmers, which he ran for many years. Instead he opted for Argenti’s success at private Catholic college John XXIII, where he believes the system has made a big contribution. Mr Chaney revealed the working party had to circumvent one of the early stages of Argenti planning set up by deciding on some warm and fuzzy objectives such as compassion, that seemed immeasurable, an anathema to a number crunching CEO like himself. However, far from letting the measurement go, the school ultimately contracted some well known academics in the field who came up with a scoring system that allowed them to survey the students and track their growth. To cap it off, John XXIII has licensed the system around the country and earns a healthy stipend from each student who it measures. There are some people who can just about make any venture profitable.


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