20/02/2007 - 22:00

Carl Adams - Momentum Partners (Australia) Pty Ltd

20/02/2007 - 22:00


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Carl Adams - Momentum Partners (Australia) Pty Ltd

Title: Director


Business: Management consultancy


Total employees: 20


Reporting directly: 17







Carl Adams says his most significant achievement is to have built and developed Momentum Partners into one of Perth’s leading business consulting and advisory firms in less than three years.


The consultancy has assisted companies through a broad range of sectors such as major mining companies, alumina producers, property developers and construction companies.


Mr Adams says he placed a strong emphasis on recruiting and retaining a team aligned to the company’s values, a strategy resulting in 100 per cent staff retention turnover for the past 12 months.


Career guides  


• The need to always maintain high standards.


• The need to develop as a team and as individuals.


• A strong desire to always work within a team.


•  To not take life too seriously.


•  Achieving life balance.


• Commitment to providing a genuine contribution to the wider community.




The creation of Momentum Partners is the result of an inspiring twist in Carl Adams’ career. The WA School of Mines graduate made a radical career change at the age of 30 to management consulting through a Masters of Leadership and Management at Curtin University.


Momentum Partners’ staff is asked to participate – on a voluntary basis – in various charities (Alzheimer’s Foundation, Breast Cancer Foundation).


Top tips


Carl Adams says that he always followed his father’s motto: “Always set your goals for the highest, so if you fall short, then you’ve still done well.”



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