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22/10/2008 - 22:00


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Director of Lloyd Events (3 years) WABN: Describe - in one sentence - a day at work.

Michael Lloyd- Director of Lloyd Events

Director of Lloyd Events (3 years)

WABN: Describe - in one sentence - a day at work.

ML: "A non-stop day on the phone and email, making sure that all events are travelling smoothly."

WABN: What has been the most challenging event in your career?

ML: "Starting my career! I got there by pursuing the activity that I enjoy doing. If you are doing something you enjoy, you will do it well and be successful.

"The main issue was to make suppliers and artists trust you, make musician believe that you are the real thing, establish a name as someone who puts on good concerts and doesn't take short cuts.

"People didn't know who I was. I contacted a lot of people and I had to build my way around the refusals and find new people to contact.

"Agents wouldn't return my phone calls, but after year one they realised the Live at the Quarry concerts was something worth getting involved in.

"Bringing in the concept of corporate hospitality to the festival was also challenge; I had to convince companies that corporate hospitality can be more than a football game, but rather having a corporate box at the Quarry, which is concept that we are pushing a lot more with the new series."

WABN: What is the main quality you are looking for within your team members?

ML: "Loyalty and treating the business like it is their own"

WABN: What's the best measurement of your performance, and can you name a highlight in your career?

ML: "Repeat ticket buyers for Live at the Quarry. I guess the very first concert night with Lior was a highlight, having a full house, an incredible night and everyone enjoying it. People kept coming to me saying it [the Quarry] is such an amazing venue.

"Selling out Cuban Club last year [New Year's Day music event] and having 2,000 people on a waiting list - the venue had a capacity of 1,000 - was also a highlight."

WABN: How do you deal with egos in your workplace?

ML: "Superficial appeasement. Our industry is full of big egos you nurse when you have to and ignore them when you can!"

WABN: Is there a business model that you strive to reach?

ML: "Not really; essentially all the people who are in the industry are competitors and it's not a textbook industry. The people who do it keep fairly low key and they don't tell you how to do it."

WABN: What are the specific hurdles that you meet on a daily basis in your sector?

ML: "Getting the right acts at the right price, which means just a lot of negotiations and phone calls, convincing agents and artists that sometimes it's about the musical experience rather than the bottom line."

WABN: Who is someone that you dream to work with?

ML: "Neil Finn; he's one of the biggest artists in Australia and New Zealand and the lead singer of Crowded House. I just have great admiration for his music and the delivery of his music."


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