CCI bemoans lack of political vision

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia has expressed disappointment at the absence of a vision for the future, and detailed plans to achieve it, by the State's politicians during the election campaign.


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Canning Vale
I believe that the current state of politics is dramatically influenced by what the politicians get paid. The old cliche of paying peanuts and getting monkeys for the greater part rings true. With our politicians on the same wage as a mine site kitchenhand in the North West, there is no incentive for people with vision and leadership to step into the public domain, where their every movement, decision and appearance is the subject of media scrutiny, with job security at the whim of an electorate influenced by the performance of colleagues, where popularity is more important than performance. Why would a successful person take a substantial pay cut that would curtail the standard of living that they and their family is accustomed to, to be subject to all of this? I would argue that they don\'t, barring a few notable exceptions. The starry eyed ideal of undertaking public service for the betterment of society is no longer as appealing given the cost and time pressures associated with modern lifestyles. Increasingly we are seeing the narrowing of our politicians backgrounds. No more corporate executives, shearers, bricklayers, small business owners and nurses, instead we have former political staffers, lawyers, media/celebrities, beaurecrats, social workers and former union officials (both employee and employer unions). The representation of these former occupations of our current and potential politicians is totally disproportinate to their representation in the general population. Perhaps a more realistic pay structure commeasurate with the expertise and experience required to professionally manage infrastructure, budgets and staff that our governments are required to, may see more dynamic and performance orientated candidates. With entry level management positions at WA resource companies being paid significant premiums to that which is on offer to our politicians, it is easy to see why the better quality candidates are choosing private enterprise over public service. And how to pay for this?, well lets have fewer politicians. Does Australia need 3 tiers of government, with all the associated beaurecrats? I think not. Do we need better quality from our political Candidates? I think so. Mark Lynch Managing Director Glass West Pty Ltd

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