18/03/2003 - 21:00

Business symmetry

18/03/2003 - 21:00


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Business symmetry

AT a time when most accountants like to be called business advisers, local firm McKessar Tieleman has bucked the trend.

The company has decided to establish a new brand, Business Symmetry, for its business development and forensic accounting services.

That will allow McKessar Tieleman to focus on its core taxation work.

Director Brenton Siviour will head Business Symmetry while Steve Lowe will continue as director of the tax practice.

The two companies will continue to trade from shared premises but their staff will specialise in the respective fields.

“The disciplines are quite separate,” Mr Siviour said.

As well as the specialised skills needed in each part of the business, Mr Siviour said the two areas generally had different clients.

The business development work has mostly been with small and medium sized enterprises while the tax practice provides services to high net worth individuals, listed companies and small suburban accounting practices.

Mr Siviour said the change was in response to clients, who recognised the two areas were different.

Business development clients preferred more upbeat and lively presentations, in contrast to the conservative disposition of tax clients.

The new name reflected the concept of achieving balance between business growth and personal lifestyle.


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