06/07/2015 - 16:42

Business News scores with daily email

06/07/2015 - 16:42


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Business News scores with daily email
PRIZE TIME: Charlie Gunningham (left) shares the limelight with US-based Joe Zwiebel, who spent a 2005 sabbatical with Business News.

Business News has been recognised for its daily news email at the Alliance of Area Business Publishers annual awards ceremony in the US city of Charlotte in North Carolina.

The Business News 4pm Afternoon Wrap email, which has more than 47,000 subscribers, was noted for its simplicity and effective coverage of the big news of the day.

“A clear and concise writing style coupled with a clean design and effective use of photos deliver on a promise to provide subscribers with a complete snapshot of the day’s business news,” the judges said.

Business News CEO Charlie Gunningham, who was on hand in Charlotte to receive the award, said the achievement was outstanding given the quality of the opposition and the number of entries for each category (estimated at 30).
“It is a terrific effort,” Mr Gunningham said.

“It not only rewards the efforts that go into putting the email together every working day but it also reflects the surge in followers since it was repackaged to be more mobile friendly.”

Mr Gunningham acknowledged the role of news editor Mark Beyer, who oversees the daily production, journalist Fraser Beattie who coordinates the production and chief-of-staff Dan Wilkie, who for many years produced and now manages the news team providing content to the website.

Around 40 regional business news organisations compete at the awards. Business News took bronze in the Best Daily Email category following the Indianapolis Business Journal with silver and Florida Trend with gold.


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