19/08/2003 - 22:00

Brands tweaked for best effect

19/08/2003 - 22:00


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There were few surprises among the top 10 leading names in WA Business News’s 2003 branding survey. While the industries may be varied, WA’s top brands have one thing in common – advertising, marketing, and promotion spends in the millions.

Brands tweaked for best effect


GATECRASHER Advertising took over the HBF advertising account from 303 Advertising about two years ago and has worked hard to build on 303’s ‘Ted’-centred advertising.

According to Gatecrasher director client services Tony Scampoli, Ted has become HBF’s brand icon and is therefore featured heavily in HBF advertising.

“Research still says Ted is strongly recognised as a brand icon,” Mr Scampoli said.

The latest corporate campaign involves television advertising using WA personalities.

“The first ad in the corporate campaign uses WA personalities to differentiate HBF in the market. Aristos is the star of the first one and Liz Davenport is featured in the other ad running at the moment,” Mr Scampoli said.

“This campaign is not intended to be high frequency, rather it is more about reach, so we have selected the TV programs that deliver that.”

HBF also had identified a need to promote its car and home insurance products, as research showed that many consumers still considered HBF as only a health insurance provider.

West Coast Eagles

JDA Advertising won the West Coast Eagles advertising account from Bowtell Clarke and Yole in October last year and has since launched membership-based advertising, and secured Hungry Jack’s as an away-jumper sponsor.

According to JDA senior account director Neil Cumming, while the Eagles is not a large billings client, the work helps raise the agency’s profile.

“We pitched for the account in a one-day turnaround. West Coast short listed the agencies to three and gave us a brief at 8.30 in the morning. We presented at 4pm,” Mr Cumming said.

“They are not worth a lot in terms of billings ... but they are a high-profile client.”

JDA Advertising launched the ‘Only a Fan Understands’ campaign earlier this year through television commercials starring Ernie Dingo, which proved very successful, Mr Cumming said.

West Coast Eagles marketing manager Deane Pieters said the football club had worked with market research firms and marketing agencies over a number of years to develop brand strategies.

He said the amount spent solely on branding was a six-figure sum. 

JDA Advertising holds a three-year contract with the West Coast Eagles.

The Water Corporation

THE Water Corporation account has been managed by The Brand Agency for the past five years and has held its place as one of WA’s leading brands in the 2003 WA Business News branding survey.

Water Corporation corporate affairs manager Paul Byrne said the State Government agency did not participate in “brand” advertising, however its communication messages were strictly controlled, which helped brand continuity.

“Our advertising is aimed at promoting a specific target, which is to reduce water use or implement water wise strategies,” he said.

“We do pay a great deal of attention to our communications and make sure they have a corporate identity and style so that when people see an advert for us they will recognise it as a Watercorp ad.

“We tightly control that by having a style guide for our advertising and ensuring that all our adverts are signed off by a small group of people.” 

Mr Byrne said the corporation’s advertising was based on water consumption.

In the 2000 to 2001 period Watercorp spent $376,000 on creative work and $800,000 on media buying. During 2001 and 2002 it spent just under $1 million on creative and $2.4 million on media buying.

Mr Byrne said this year’s advertising spend was similar to the 2000-2001 period.

The Brand Agency has recently negotiated its contract option for a further 12 months about three months ago but as yet Watercorp has not announced if The Brand Agency has been successful.

Burswood Resort Casino

BURSWOOD International Resort Casino is a strong brand in the WA market, however it’s strongly associated with the casino operation rather than the complete resort package.

Raising awareness of all that Burswood has to offer is part of a new branding strategy aimed at making the site a destination precinct, according to the resort’s head of marketing, Sonia Ronaldson.

The resort’s key brand attributes of fun and excitement will be evolved into a campaign focusing on three core elements.

“We will be looking at the resort offer, the entertainment offer and the business offer,” Ms Ronaldson said.

The Brand Agency has managed the Burswood account for the past three years.

Ms Ronaldson said she wanted to make Burswood a destination precinct of similar stature to Subiaco, Northbridge or Fremantle.


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