13/03/2013 - 01:59

Ben Purcell

13/03/2013 - 01:59


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Ben Purcell

Ben Purcell
Managing director
Brownes Dairy

BEN Purcell is managing director of Brownes Dairy, Western Ausralia’s largest and oldest dairy company.

Mr Purcell passionately believes in WA farmers, driving reinvestment in Brownes to promote a healthy and sustainable local dairy industry.

His dedication to the industry is highlighted by the ‘Use Buy Date’ campaign in which Western Australians were encouraged to exchange their used yoghurt containers for Brownes yoghurt.

The used containers were then put on the back of a truck, which Mr Purcell personally drove to Melbourne, “taking them back to where they belong”, he said.

Most importantly “it really put a smile on the face of our farmers who have been doing it so tough the last few years”,

Mr Purcell said. Mr Purcell recently reintroduced factory tours by school kids of the Brownes factory in Balcatta so they could learn about nutrition and the food chain.



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