18/01/2016 - 10:30

BN brings more to the table in 2016, including our new BN30 index

18/01/2016 - 10:30


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BN brings more to the table in 2016, including our new BN30 index

Business News has welcomed 2016 with a strategic shift in its publishing cycle, returning to a fortnightly production schedule from this first edition of the newspaper in 2016 which include a host of additions to our content, and the launch of our first index - the BN30.

The change to the regularity of the newspaper comes with a series of significant enhancements to the both the printed edition and our growing online products, which include new Apple and Android and apps, the recently launched BN weekender email with podcast, our incredible BNiQ business search engine, and our twice-daily news emails.

Readers will notice the newspaper is printed on better paper, has more pages, and even more analytical articles, including two special reports per edition.

This week we offer five pages of Corporate Finance from page14 and four pages of Conventions & Conferences starting on page 20, ensuring that the number of our popular major features remains constant despite the reduction in publications per year.

Inside readers will find the following:

• a new additional analysis piece from Tim Treadgold, in addition to his regular column;

• the introduction of Catie Low as a regular columnist;

• new technology pages, enhancing our already significant coverage of the local startup scene and introducing a new regular correspondent Marcus Holmes;

• a new science page focused on local developments in that field;

• a new social media page, exploring what is trending across our own Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram pages;

• a revamped business diary giving readers an improved snapshot of our online events calendar. We also have new social pictures from past events;

• a new two-page spread of photos chosen by our photographer Attila Csaszar; and

• the official arrival of our first stock market index, the Business News 30. The BN30 is a composite index of 30 listed WA-focused or headquartered stocks that largely reflect the state’s economic activity and fortunes - an analogy would be the basket of goods used to create the Consumer Price Index. Following the original formula of the world’s most watched stock market index, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the BN30 represents the sum of the component prices divided by divisor that, for now, is 30. On January 4, a multiplier was then determined to bring the overall number to 100 and, thus, the same multiplier is applied daily to find the movement in the index. We will publish it fortnightly on our Directors Interests page or readers can see the chart updated overnight based on closing share prices at https://www.businessnews.com.au/asx-chart/bn30

Later in the year we will be releasing our latest limited-edition coffee table book Western Australia – The Golden State


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