18/08/2014 - 14:09

Atlas to collaborate with Tina Arena

18/08/2014 - 14:09


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Atlas Pearls and Perfumes has announced a collaboration with Australian and French music icon Tina Arena.

Australian singer-songwriter Tina Arena.

Atlas Pearls and Perfumes has announced a collaboration with Australian and French music icon Tina Arena.  

Tina Arena will be working with an international development team headed by Nelson Rocher and world acclaimed perfumers to combine the best ingredients from Australia and France to develop Australia’s first luxury perfume.

"Mr Rocher brings strong French perfume and marketing connections and product development experience to this project," Atlas said in a statement. 

Ms Arena has been a shareholder in Atlas since October 2013 and through two years of due diligence has satisfied herself that Atlas is a company with high integrity and a strong long term growth outlook. 

"This unique venture allows Atlas Pearls and Perfumes to highlight its proprietary fragrance innovations that are being exported through Essential Oils of Tasmania, whilst strengthening its luxury networks in France," Atlas said.

"Tina Arena has built a strong brand presence in France with sales exceeding 1 million records making her Australia’s leading exporter of music to that country. 

"When combined with Atlas chairman Stephen Birkbeck’s extensive Paris based luxury networks, the partnership is set to consolidate the company’s consumer brand programme and increase exports of pearls, perfume extracts and finished products."

In addition, a jewellery capsule will be created to reflect and capture Ms Arena's style and finesse.

"This is not a typical celebrity fragrance but an artistic collaboration, through which she has been the key decision maker on all aspects of the fragrance, the bottle and the philosophy underpinning what both parties believe will be a reference for the global luxury perfume industry," Mr Birkbeck said.

Ms Arena described the perfume collaboration “As a blend of beauty from both countries”.

"This project represents the best quality ingredients from Australia and France, world renowned perfumers and designers, and the incredible networks of Steve Birkbeck and Nelson Rocher," she commented.

Atlas' share price rose by 9.09 per cent to 12 cents per share at 2pm.


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