App/tech business of the week- SpacetoCo

09/03/2018 - 13:17


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SpacetoCo is a space-sharing platform for the short-term hire of space.

Daniel McCullen (left), Daniel Franco and Jeremy Hurst are hoping their platform can have a big impact.


SpacetoCo is a space-sharing platform for the short-term hire of space. Similar to the popular Airbnb, SpacetoCo connects hosts who have spaces to people looking for space for a birthday party, board meeting or outdoor activity. The platform caters for a range of types of spaces, but the key to the popularity and early adoption is the automation for hosts. The platform takes away the need for multiple phone calls, forms and back-and-forth emails. SpacetoCo handles payments, receipts, reminder emails, and two-way reviews.


Users can access the platform at


Jeremy Hurst, Daniel McCullen and Daniel Franco have been working on the business for almost a year and are starting to experience traction in the marketplace.


“We love to hear the stories from cafes/pubs or small businesses with spare space. Now, sharing that space is down to a ‘click’, and the opportunity to upsell coffee, cake and other food and drink while people are in the space is so easy,” Daniel McCullen said.


Recently, the team was selected as a finalist for the Bridge to MassChallenge Bootcamp. Of the top 15 Australian participants, SpacetoCo is joining the top five on a trip to Boston, in the US later this year. The trip will offer the team a chance to rub shoulders with investment elite and learn more about building a strong business.


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