Elio Adragna, pictured (right) with creative director Rossana Esposito, says disruption will come from the people, not from governments or large organisations. Photo: Attila Csaszar

App/tech business of the week ~ Jugglr

Jugglr allows mothers to provide services to other mothers so they can help each other and keep their job skills fresh – from playdates to sharing house chores, kids tutoring to time out, personal training or career coaching and small business support. Where fee-for-service is involved, Jugglr takes a fee.


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Year Established

49th-Wipo09 Aug 2016
50th-TrackMySubs01 Aug 2016
51st-Jugglr29 Jul 2016
52nd-JAK16 Jul 2016
53rd-PayNow for Stripe06 Jul 2016
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