20/02/2007 - 22:00

Andrew Repacholi - Bunbury City Motorcycles

20/02/2007 - 22:00


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Andrew Repacholi - Bunbury City Motorcycles

Title: General manager/dealer principal

Business: Motorcycle retailer

Total employees: 12

Reporting directly: 11



When Andrew Repacholi took over as general manager at Bunbury City Motorcycles in 2003, he quickly moved to modernise the business’s practices. Mr Repacholi says he had a vision to develop the business with a focus on the structure.

He wanted to get rid of the old paperwork systems and take a business minded approach to the running of the business.

His most significant achievement was the implementation of a new computer system. This software monitors all the equipment, stock, maintenance expenditure and earnings.

The new system has had many benefits for the company, particularly the competitive edge it offers in the retail marketplace.

Career guides

• Believing that a sustainable business working towards expansion and longevity is only possible if the managers and the employees have a work-life balance.

• Striving for the best customer service possible.

• Honesty and diligence in ensuring that the customer, the employee and the business are all benefiting from the experience.


Mr Repacholi has a TAFE trade certificate in plumbing.

He sponsors community sporting clubs, such as the Bunbury Football Club, and each year sponsors the Great Southern Merino Sheep Breeders Association with donations and prizes.

Top tips

“Life is not a rehearsal; you only get one chance to do it, so do the best you can!”


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