Gary Cass’s mistake-turn-innovation has led him to experiment with a natural fibre, in creations such as the sparkling couture dress. Photo: Shasa Michael

Ancient organisms help create fabric of the future

A WA-based company could potentially shake up the $US96 billion global textile industry with a natural fibre originally sourced from wine.

More than two decades ago at a South West vineyard, Gary Cass spoiled a vat of wine by flooding it with oxygen. No big deal, accidents happen.

What struck him at the time, however, was the textile-like substance that remained after the Acetobacter bacteria, which had fed on the wine, had overwhelmed the vat.


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This is FABULOUS! I use Gary for my international study tours and all nationalities love his enthusiasm, creativity and innovative spirit. So happy for this next stage in his endeavours. Well done, Gary!

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