Analysis: the real cost of going green

If a country has one world-class industry in a sea of international trouble why would you want to hobble it or, at worst, close it?


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Tim, I think you've left out a significant issue in your analysis of the "green" thing. Europe is in the fiscal rubbish bin it finds itself in no small part because it struck a deal with the Devil following WWII where it chose to outsource its collective security obligations to the US by way of NATO, spending its cash instead on socialised medicine and other welfare schemes. Take Greece as an extreme example of this, where over half of that country's working public work for government. This leads me to my second point here, which is something you have alluded to but I think must be emphasised here: no national economy can survive without healthy resources and agricultural sectors. Manufacturing and services industries can only exist to create secondary and tertiary wealth, supported by the primary wealth creation of resources extraction and affordable foodstocks. The Greens, by contrast, have assaulted all of these things. They seek to prohibit resources extraction across the board. Greens are at the forefront of hobbling the agricultural sector by way of a) pushing so-called "biofuels" crops that end up creating shortages in food crops; and b) attempting to put limits on farming by way of banning live animal exports. The result of these actions are higher prices for food and raw material inputs (into manufacturing and downstream metal processing) resulting in fewer jobs and tax revenue losses. But that's all good, because Brown and Milne would rather you have a few people working at $10/hr jobs in the few shops that cater to foreign tourists, as they have worked feverishly to do in Tasmania over the past 20 years. There's a reason why most teens in Tasmania flee the island as soon as they have the opportunity to do so, because the tourism industry generates very few jobs, and low paying ones at that.

Green also refers to somebody wet behind the ears, inexperienced no idea what they are doing which is the case here. Wouldnt have been a days work done between the lot of Browns mob.

This article is spot on.The Greens are now the new pixies at the bottom of the garden. What was so urgent that the carbon tax had to be introduced now and couldn't wait until the next election to be voted on? We still do live in a democracy don't we? Unfortunately the Greens believe they know what is best for all us mug punters and also believe they have something akin to a divine right to make decisions irrespective of democracy. Bring on the next election and hopefully with all their crazy ideas they end up going the way of the Democrats

Bunbury WA 6230
Tim T. has taken a simplistic view of the world "in his nutshell". Whereas it might be true that the greens agenda is different, talk of "extermination" puts Tim in the league of the Hanrahans... Absolute ruin Timbo! Give us a break son! Politics - left, right & centre - is all about beating the other bloke/Sheila over the head with a metaphor, rhetoric, or just noise, like the opinionists that rule the media these days. Stick with the facts, criticize when due, acknowledge the good stuff, try grabbing the best bits from across the sphere and maybe your opinion might reasonable. Otherwise go grab a beer with Jones, Bolt or our own king of the shock jocks 'Mooner'. Good word farcical Tim. Applies well to media standards...

what germany is to europe wa and qld is to australia. its got stuff all to do with the greens

what you've said in the article is spot on. the introduction of the carbon tax is pathetic at best, it will serve no purpose other than bring Swan's budget back to surplus after they wasted the Howard governments surplus.. i would have no objections to the carbon tax if the funds are used for R&D to producing a clean alternative to fossil fuels, but of course that's not what will happen and those of us who keep hoping of a green fuel are deluding ourselves, there is trillions of dollars invested in oil, gas and coal, some countries entire economy is based on fossil fuels, it's their only product, so why on earth would any of these people/companies allow an alternative to it. so the next best thing is to shut down anything that produces carbon.. gee clever. if we eliminated pollution from cars alone with a green fuel, 90% of our problems would be solved right there, so greens party, instead of killing our industries that are paying your wages, push the gov to come up with a clean alternative to fossil fuel..

Ultimately all that mining is doing is bringing forward the monetisation of national assets. When they are depleted there is nothing left. For mining to be worshipped as an iconic industry leaves me baffled.

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