Analysis: Rupert 1, Julia 0

Apart from Adelaide roots, Julia Gillard and Rupert Murdoch share something else in common; they are living examples of crisis management - with one doing it well, and the other not.


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Tim, Sorry - talk about a one-eyed article!!! I didn't know you (or this publication) were here to represent and promote the interests of 'big industry'. I thought you reported business news. Which lobbying firm do you work for, by the way? Any relationship with NI? Notwithstanding that, your understanding of the repercussions to NI, particularly in America, but also in the UK, is superficial to say the least. I also see this publications 'core values' include "Integrity and Truth". Please square that with the behaviour at NI. Corporate culture starts at the top. Please don't treat your limited readership like idiots, or, like Murdoch, you will lose them. I'm one more asinine article away from stopping my subscription. Regards.

I do not see the comparison between Julia Gillard and Rupert Murdoch. This comparison is based on two actions: 1. The invasion of personal privacy via phone hacking 2. The instigation of a tax to help maintain the planet we live on. Some extra information about the abovementioned tax is that it means that: 1. That households could face a jump of $9.90 a week in the cost of living. 2. They may face a rise of $1 per week to their average house bill. 3. The price of the average flight ticket may increase an extra $3.50. So, the person committing a moral crime is apparently comparable to the person asking you to pay $9.90 a week to help the planet....hmmm there is something wrong here...Not a very sound analogy Mr Treadgold. This comparison is even worse when you consider that 32 countries have already placed a price on carbon, including all of Europe, China, and several states in America. Interestingly enough, many European countries are currently struggling in the wake of the GFC, yet they could still instigate a carbon tax, whereas Australia sailed through the GFC and currently enjoys a very strong economy. What better time to take on the carbon tax then when the economy is doing well? We have some of the highest standards of living in the world. In fact, in 2010, Australia had the second highest standard of living in the world according to the Human Development Index. And we can't spare $9.90 a week???? Aside from that, there is also the very minor fact that Australia is one of the world's heaviest polluters per capita....Interesting isn't it. And Julia Gillard being attacked for trying to reduce this... When did Australians become so selfish? And when did we lose that brilliant weapon against fear-mongering, perspective. Or did we all forget that companies used to dump toxic chemicals into our waterways or landfill as a matter of course? It was cheaper and much easier for them to dump dioxins and acids into the Sydney Harbour or the Yarra than consider more environmentally friendly alternatives. However, eventually the public began to recognise what was happening and decided it wasn't good enough. These companies are now subject to heavy fines if they dispose of waste in this manner, and as such have moved on to more environmentally friendly, but more costly, disposal methods. In doing so, the higher costs of these disposal methods have been passed on to consumers. Wait a minute!! That sounds mightly similar to what the carbon tax is all about!! We pay to have councils remove wastes from our households, we pay to have sewage systems remove our personal waste, we pay to have a clean suburb...but we don't want to pay to have clean air???? It will be nice when the Australian public once again comes to their senses about this issue. Perhaps in time the public will applaud this decision. With time, comes perspective, and with perspective comes the understanding that if leaders like the Prime Minister only did what worked for the polls, they would be no better than individuals like Mr Murdoch and News Limited, and we all know that consequences, whether they be getting sued for invasion of privacy, or air contamination, always catch up with you in the end...

To Justine J, you actually believe its only going to be $9.90? You believe what Julia is telling you? Wow, I am shocked that one could be so trusting after all the lies she has already told. If every business owner ran her business the way Julia runs this country we would all be broke and unemployed. When it turns out to be costing you more than $9.90 and when the carbon tax hasn't saved the world or changed the way we do things, I hop to see you here apologising for your ignorance.

well written article & so much truth in it. hope julia opens her mind & not a puppet for the greenies. wake up julia!!!

west perth
And this is Journalism? I thought journalism was reporting the facts - not sharing an opinion that has no more or less validity than the readers opinion This is one of the problems with journalism today - comment writers posing as journalists and comment sheets posing as newspapers I think I will stop reading

Best article I've read in a long time. I'm not impressed with Murdoch, but your article exposes his cunning. Politics is a very different game, granted, but where they do cross is in 'Leadership'. On that point, you have succinctly revealed the difference between two people in crisis - one whom, rightly or wrongly, is finding a way to manage it to their advantage, and one that seems to ignore every signal that says they must change their leadership strategy. As you say, and I believe this to be your premise - look and learn aspirants of leadership!

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