22/11/2020 - 20:48

An education without borders

22/11/2020 - 20:48


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Students at Edith Cowan University, Joondalup

The big challenge for any City is keeping the next generation and providing opportunities for locals to stay local.

Joondalup’s efforts to drive investment, jobs and opportunities aimed at making the City economically vibrant and self-sufficient are paying off with success across the spectrum.

To ensure lasting appeal to coming generations, Joondalup is investing in creating new horizons for youth, showing them the world while providing a sure foundation they can build upon.

Education and innovation post-COVID-19 to boost Joondalup

The Joondalup Innovation Challenge (JIC) is a three-day program hosted by the City and training company Frank Team involving more than 150 local and international students.

Working in teams and tackling real-world problems faced by Joondalup businesses and residents, the students will learn and develop vital workplace skills like innovation, communication and business agility as they seek to find technology solutions.

The JIC enables both local and international students to build networks with each other cross-institutionally; this is very important when combating the problem of social isolation especially in the COVID-19 era.

Alan Johns, Head of Programs at North Metropolitan TAFE, says in the post-COVID-19 world programs like the JIC will be vital for equipping the next generation with the skills they need to thrive and contribute to the local community and its economy.

“We feel that it is a great opportunity for our IT and Media students at Joondalup campus of North Metropolitan TAFE to have been accepted into such an exciting event as the Joondalup Innovation Challenge,” he says.

“Employability and Entrepreneurial skills for future- proofing a graduate in the workforce is what this event helps with and we envisage students will get a lot out of this that potentially helps them kick-start their careers.”

Inspiring Joondalup’s next generation of innovators

Joondalup is home to scores of high quality public and private schools that all enjoy the modern amenities and transport links the City has established, as well as the vibrant cultural life it has to offer.

But as a globally focused City, Joondalup also ensures local students receive an education that prepares them for the world, and allows them to experience that world.

The Sister City relationship with Jinan in China has yielded many unique cultural and business opportunities, but also the chance for local students to travel to China and experience its vast culture. Many schools across Joondalup are following this lead.

St Mark’s Anglican Community School hosts international students on exchange, study tours and as immersion students through Anglican Schools Commission International (ASCI). The school has hosted students from a range of countries, including China, Myanmar and Reunion Island.

Many other schools across Joondalup are pursuing similar arrangements, such as Greenwood College with its links to both China and Indonesia. 

Global opportunities stem from Joondalup

With scores of international students choosing to undertake their education in Joondalup, the City is a vibrant place of learning.

Local students have the opportunity to develop international connections through Sister City School arrangements, and then seek opportunities at globally focused education hubs like Joondalup’s ECU campus.

The end result is a City that fosters local businesses while creating opportunities for locals to shine and visitors to contribute.


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