27/12/2018 - 14:01

Amazon Alexa is coming, you're invited.

27/12/2018 - 14:01


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Amazon Alexa is coming, you're invited.

In 1950, Bell Labs invented Audrey, a machine that could understand the digits zero to nine with a degree of accuracy up to ninety percent. A lot has changed in the last seventy years: the internet is heading to connect over 20 billion things (the Internet of Things); there is universal access to scalable computing via phones, watches and tablets; on-demand services through the cloud are now ubiquitous; and voice-activated artificial intelligence (AI) is part of everyday living. Moreover, the pace of change is only accelerating.

At the forefront of this change is Amazon Alexa, Amazon’s cloud-based voice service, which now leads this segment with millions of customers around the world. Perth-based, Quantify Technology have secured the head of Alexa Smart Properties and the senior business development manager to visit Perth as part of a rare opportunity to hear from Amazon Smart Properties.

Mike Murphy and Brendan Gotch will head up a breakfast event on Monday 4 February 2019 in Perth with the event open to the public. They will discuss the emerging trends in home automation and smart buildings having worked with real estate owners, developers, governments, hospitality-owners and other organisations globally to get the best from this technology. Specifically, they will be providing Amazon’s vision for smart home technology, voice AI, and use cases surrounding Alexa’s skills (which are the Alexa corollary for apps on your phone). With Alexa, you can play music, hear the news, check weather, control smart home devices, and more.

Quantify Technology leverage Amazon Alexa to deliver native voice control to a suite of intelligent power management devices, called Q-Devices. These Q-devices replace traditional light switches, dimmers, auxiliary controllers and general power outlets (GPOs) in both new and existing building installations.

Quantify Technology Chief Executive Brett Savill will join Mike and Brendan to explore the impact of Alexa’s revolutionary technology and Quantify’s own smart mechanisms.

ASX-listed Quantify Technology is considered one of the leading pioneers in the intelligent building space, having developed a diverse range of patented IoT solutions that are practical and affordable. For a while, the Company has maintained it’s focus on developing it’s smart home solutions and are closing in on bringing their products to the market.

The products look great and the clever design plus cloud-based configuration means electricians and installers have huge time savings over others in the market. Quantify is looking to revolutionise the smart home movement and with the addition of Alexa-enabled functions, it is sure to surge.

Mike and Brendan are all the way from Amazon HQ in Seattle and this represents a fantastic chance to discover how intelligent voice-enabled buildings are expected to transform the industry.

Tickets for the breakfast are free and are available from www.bit.ly/breakfast-with-amazon-alexa

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Brett Savill

Chief Executive Officer



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