Collier Homes will continue building houses in WA after being offered a lifeline by Dario Amara.

Amara breathes life into Collier Homes

Long-running homebuilding brand Collier Homes will continue to operate in Western Australia, after the business was sold to local entrepreneur Dario Amara.


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What an awesome solution - Best wishes with this venture Dario - regards Sharon Parcell

No word about the $11.5 Million owed to largely small contractors? Will Mr Amara honour those debts?

I was a building supervisor for Collier Homes and have now been left unemployed, they were a great Company to work for and all the staff were awesome. Is there a possibility that I can re-apply for the same Supervising position? I loves building houses and I am very passionate about the construction industry. There may be some hope thanks to Dario, my family would be forever greatful.

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