08/07/2008 - 12:27

Advanced Nano changes name

08/07/2008 - 12:27


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Bentley-based materials solution company Advanced Nanotechnology Ltd has changed its name to Antaria Ltd as part of its re-branding initiative.

Advanced Nano changes name

Bentley-based materials solution company Advanced Nanotechnology Ltd has changed its name to Antaria Ltd as part of its re-branding initiative.

Below is the full announcement:

Advanced materials solutions company, Advanced Nanotechnology Limited (ANO) today announced that it has changed its name to Antaria Limited. This will be accompanied by a re-branding initiative reflective of the Company's success and presence in Australian and international markets.

Antaria's Executive Chairman, Bruce Cameron explained that the name change to Antaria was part of the Company's evolution to become a technology leader in the development and discovery of advanced materials and was spurred on by the Company's recent growth and success.

"The business has expanded from the original research based foundations to the development of a broad range of advanced materials opportunities, some of which are now demonstrating commercial success," he said.

Antaria develops, manufactures and sells a range of advanced metal oxide powders and dispersions.
Its product divisions incorporate two broad market segments. These include:

- Personal Care - ZinClear-IM™, a micron-sized, broad spectrum UV filter; and Alusion®, plate- shaped crystals for cosmetics.

- Industrials - Cercat™, a fuel-borne catalyst used in diesel fuel applications; and promising projects in building materials, pigments, ceramics and plastics.

The Company's recent success is attributed to ZinClear-IM™ - Antaria's patent-pending micron-size transparent zinc oxide product range. ZinClear-IM™ generates considerable interest from its personal care customers, who can use the intrinsic broad UVA+UVB absorption offered by zinc oxide, now available in a transparent, micron-size format.

Antaria's sales have also exceeded a milestone of $3 million (unaudited) in the 2008 financial year and the customer mix was more balanced, with no customer accounting for more than 16% of sales.

Antaria's ZinClear® sales have more than doubled in 2008. Figures show strong growth with an increase of 128% from approx. $1.04 million in 2007 to approx. $2.38 million (unaudited) in 2008. The Company expects to see continued strong growth in 2009 for ZinClear®.

Antaria's recent partnership with US heavyweight, The Dow Chemical Company, provides a pathway to the US$100 million North and Latin American markets for sunscreen actives.

The Company's strategic relationship with Energenics is also now starting to deliver with the recent resumption of production of its fuel catalyst product, Cercat™.

In summary, Mr Cameron said "Antaria's operations have grown from its first commercial sale in 2002. The Company's Western Australian roots began with success in smaller niche markets. Now with a balanced customer portfolio and our domestic and international business growing, Antaria is set for expansion."


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