29/06/2017 - 11:52

Abco aims to clean up the competition

29/06/2017 - 11:52


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James Bagshaw wants his business, Abco Products, to be Australia’s top cleaning company by 2025.

Abco aims to clean up the competition
Richard Bagshaw (left), Steve Bagshaw and James Bagshaw have overseen strong growth at Abco.

James Bagshaw wants his business, Abco Products, to be Australia’s top cleaning company by 2025.

It’s a big ambition, but Mr Bagshaw says Abco’s commitment to innovation and focus on adding value for its clients has the company well placed to become just that.

Abco was established in 1998, and since then has grown to employ more than 40 people across offices in Perth and Sydney, while Melbourne and Queensland distribution branches are planned for the next few years.

Mr Bagshaw said for Abco’s first 15 years he took a scattergun approach to business, targeting clients across the complete spectrum of the commercial cleaning sector, from education to healthcare, and hospitality to hygiene.

However, two years ago, Abco focused its business on crafting a value proposition specifically for cleaning contractors and facilities managers.

“We help building service contractors reduce their total cost of business by working with them to apply more efficient processes in their supply chain,” Mr Bagshaw said.

The other key plank of Abco’s growth plan is to constantly invest in research and development, creating or sourcing innovative products to differentiate itself from its peers.

Those products include Abco’s i-mop, which combines the flexibility of a traditional mop with the power of an industrial cleaning machine, eliminating the need for cleaners to drag a bucket around as they clean floors.

The i-mop was launched in 2014, and throughout 2015 it was lauded for its innovation at no less than nine international cleaning conventions or trade shows.

Another of Abco’s investments was a bio-toilet paper, which is sprayed with microorganisms to accelerate biodegradation of organic matters inside pipes.

“We are on a mission to offer efficient and cost-effective products and equipment to the industry by focusing on global trends in innovation and sustainable waste management practices,” Mr Bagshaw said.

“Leading the market instead of following it is the key to growth.”


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