AHG’s Howson in $7.8m selldown

26/08/2013 - 15:35


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AHG’s Howson in $7.8m selldown
AHG chief Bronte Howson.

Automotive Holdings Group managing director Bronte Howson has sold two million shares in the company, raising a total of $7.76 million.

The sale was made in on-market trade last Friday and an Appendix 3Y lodged with the ASX this afternoon.

Mr Howson stated that he took the opportunity to make the sale following the release of the company’s FY2013 trading results “to fund a personal investment”.

“I continue to have a substantial personal investment in AHG and am excited about the opportunities we are seeing and remain committed to the company’s future,” Mr Howson said.

Mr Howson retains a holding of over 3.6 million shares in AHG currently worth about $14.2 million.

AHG’s shares are currently trading at $3.93.



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