02/11/2011 - 13:42

$200m Waterfront deal up for grabs

02/11/2011 - 13:42


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$200m Waterfront deal up for grabs
PRESTIGE: The state government is looking for a contractor to take on on of Perth's highest-profile construction jobs.

The state government has put out the call for a $200 million contract to design and construct the inlet and surrounding public space for the Perth Waterfront redevelopment.

Planning Minister John Day said the government was seeking expressions of interest for the estimated $200 million worth of works.

The works include the creation of a new inlet and surrounding public space; construction of the island centrepiece of the Waterfront; a public access jetty and public transport berth; and sites for future private sector development.  

“The contract also involves consultation with a variety of important stakeholders as well as critical traffic management arrangements, to ensure minimal disruption during construction, and an efficient ongoing flow of traffic into and through the area,” Mr Day said.

The managing contractor will be appointed through a two-stage process.

“We are looking for a very experienced team to help deliver the transformation of Perth’s waterfront - connecting the city to the Swan River and creating an attractive destination for the people of Perth and visitors alike,” Mr Day said.

“The early involvement of the managing contractor for this important part of the project will mean a high level of collaboration with the State’s own project team; more efficient delivery of the project; and encourage innovation in design and construction.”




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