13/04/2021 - 16:12

$18m Shenton Park plan deferred

13/04/2021 - 16:12


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The Metro-Inner Development Assessment Panel has deferred a decision on an $18 million development in Shenton Park the local government recommended it refuse.

$18m Shenton Park plan deferred
The six-storey mixed-use development features 62 residential dwellings and a cafe/restaurant. Image: element

The Metro-Inner Development Assessment Panel has deferred a decision on an $18 million six-storey development proposal in Shenton Park after the local government recommended it be refused.

Late last year, urban design consultancy element lodged a development application with the City of Subiaco to build a six-storey mixed-use development featuring 62 residential dwellings and a cafe/restaurant across 97-101 Evans Street and 375-379 Railway Road.

The development was set to be built on a 3,235 square metre site, one of the largest development sites in the area; parts of which have remained vacant for more than two decades.

But, as the responsible authority, the City of Subiaco recommended the application be refused on the basis that it did not comply with the city’s local planning scheme and had the potential to compromise the visual and social amenity of the area.

While acknowledging that the design was of a high quality and the benefits of the dwellings being in close proximity to public transport, officers deemed the buildings height and plot ratio to be excessive and argued that the proposal did not provide an effective transition between lots of different densities.

Additionally, officers recommended that the proponent make modifications to the plans to address height, street setbacks, and plot ratio concerns, but claimed that they had not indicated a willingness to compromise on the design.

The decision followed responses from 60 local residents during the public consultation period, 65 per cent of whom objected to the proposal.

In the submissions, respondents raised concerns about the height and bulk of the development, the proposed setbacks, the impact of the development on traffic, and potential overshadowing of adjoining properties.

In correspondence published as part of the panel meeting agenda, element told the city's planning officers that the building height complied with the necessary planning objectives and argued that the setback requirement, which was adopted in February as part of changes to the city’s local planning policy, was “excessive, arbitrary and unwarranted”.

During a meeting of the panel yesterday, it chose to defer a decision on the application.

The proposal is expected to be considered again by the Development Assessment Panel within the next 120 days or by August 10, 2021.

Element has been contacted for comment.


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