23/01/2008 - 22:00

12-storeys in Mandurah plan

23/01/2008 - 22:00


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Sydney-based property developer Mirvac is proposing a series of high-rise apartment blocks overlooking the Peel Inlet as part of a major new project in Mandurah.

12-storeys in Mandurah plan

Sydney-based property developer Mirvac is proposing a series of high-rise apartment blocks overlooking the Peel Inlet as part of a major new project in Mandurah.

Mirvac is seeking to develop almost 30 hectares of land bounded by the inlet, Mandurah Road near the new bridge, wetlands and an existing, 13ha sub-division for which it already has approval.

In the new subdivision, to be called Bridgewater North, Mirvac is seeking approval for up to 570 dwellings in a range of densities, including four towers of up to 12 storeys – which were scaled back from 16 storeys in earlier versions of the development’s planning.

The apartments would be set back from the water’s edge, though they would be visible above the tree line from the bridge.

The northern-most block is proposed at 10 storeys, two middle blocks at 12 and the fourth would be eight storeys. Three of the four blocks will have additional public space between them and the foreshore reserve area.

The development is currently open for public comment.

It also comes at a time when the City of Mandurah is considering high-rise options for a tourist precinct stretching from the existing Atrium Hotel along to the Silver Sands Tavern, with heights of up to 12 storeys allowed in specific locations.

The upper limit of those structures would be allowed only if accommodation for tourists was included in the plans. The precinct is 300 metres from the Indian Ocean.

In contrast, the Mirvac proposal is for a residential development.

Mirvac Development WA development director Paul Lakey said the project had allowed for significant retention of the existing vegetation, including the most of best examples among 660 trees recorded in the area.

Mr Lakey said environmental issues had become more significant for discerning buyers.

Mirvac has 10,000 lots available for development throughout Western Australia, with a significant proportion of that now outside the Perth metropolitan area.

It has other developments in Mandurah, as well as 2,000 lots at each of Preston Beach and Binningup, north of Bunbury.

Mr Lakey described the latter two developments, with Binningup the most recently acquired, as part of a restocking process for the company.

Among Mirvac’s plans are a central circus parkland surrounded by three-storey terrace-style dwellings with rear-lane car access.

In another innovation, Mirvac has proposed a pocket of six dwellings to be designated for key workers with a long-term management structure so the housing is maintained as ‘affordable’ in perpetuity.

Almost 16 per cent of the site will be public open space.

Across town, recent council minutes show the sites of the Silver Sands Resort, its neighbouring tavern, and the Lucky Caravan Park site are nominated as being potentially allowed to have buildings of up 12 storeys as part of zoning changes to the area known as the Mandurah Terrace Precinct Plan.

The plan is envisaged to revitalise Mandurah Terrace between Peel Street and Anstruther Road creating a grand boulevard with a focus on high quality tourist accommodation and mixed use commercial and residential development.


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