Business News is Western Australia's leading news and information service that focusses specifically on providing the insights, connections and opportunities of doing business in the nation's leading economy.

To achieve our goal of delivering the highest news and information service for WA businesses, we focus on delivering engaging news and information across the full range of products and services, including our on-line and digital platforms, our award winning fortnightly magazine and our leading events.

Business News pursues a select number of sponsorship opportunities each year. Every sponsorship opportunity is reviewed on a case-by-case basis. We certainly like to help where we can.

As a guide to making a sponsorship request, key elements of your sponsorship proposal should include:

  • What is the concept/event/request?
  • When will the concept/event be taking place? i.e. What are relevant dates?
  • What/who is your target market? 
  • What form and level of support are you seeking from Business News?
    Please be as specific as possible in terms of volume of advertising being sought and the key dates.
  • What are the benefits that you propose to return to Business News?

Additional information could also include any proposed radio and television advertising schedule.  Please keep in mind that we like to pursue opportunities that deliver positive exposure for Business News and encourage subscriptions to our news and information service.

Applications are accepted via email at 

All sponsorship opportunities are assessed on a case-by-case basis, however, to help you in putting together your proposal, some general guidelines are outlined below:

  • What does Business News contribute?
    Business News does not provide any cash support. All sponsorship opportunities involve contra i.e. Advertising in Business News.
  • Business News looks favourably on proposals that:
    • include other like-minded companies that fit well together as part of the one concept (i.e. supports the Business News brand);
    • would benefit significantly from Business News’ involvement rather than it just being a small component of the overall proposal;
    • provides Business News with significant and valuable return;
    • are event or situations that support Business News’ brand values of connection, opportunity and insight; and
    • are just WAY too great to say no to.

If you think you have a really great event that Business News should be involved in, please e-mail us with your inspiring ideas, being sure to provide as much detail as possible.