Roger Sands

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Roger Sands
Roger Sands is a senior lawyer who has advised insurers for over 25 years on all aspects of CTP and major claims. He also has expertise in liability and state statutory classes of insurance. He has extensive claims experience and has successfully defended liability, indemnity and other actions across a range of industries. Mr Sands also represented his clients at settlement and pre-trial conferences, drafting court documents, and acting as counsel at hearings, trials and appeals. Mr Sands has a Bachelor of Laws degree, and is a member of both the legal panel for the Motor Vehicle Personal Injury Division of the Insurance Commission of Western Australia and the National Board of the Australian Insurance Law Association. Mr Sands was the founding partner of Perth law firm Marks & Sands, and was a partner and principal in private legal practice before joining Sparke Helmore in July 2013.

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