Peter Costello

Natural order as iiNet logs out

As companies seek growth outside of WA, the reasons to remain domiciled here diminish.

Costello, Poynton to Future Fund board

Former federal treasurer Peter Costello has been named chairman of the Future Fund, while Perth business leader John Poynton has been appointed as a member of the board.

Today's Business Headlines

Costello: 'it's been a shemozzle' – The Fin; Small business set to get bigger – The Fin; Grange buoyed by Kobe stake – The West; Alacer Gold eyes chance to snap up rest of Frog's Leg mine – The West; Wahaha stakes $220m on WA dairy farms – The Fin

A pity Peter’s not a people person

Peter Costello needs to polish up on his people skills if he’s to lead his party, and the country.

Labor owes Bomber, big time

State Scene recently met a Western Australian federal MP who gives considerable thought to precisely what’s happening at senior political ranks.

Today's Business Headlines

Rudd poised to end AWAs by February; Market expected to be positive after poll; Costello clocks off as Howard's flaws are exposed; Rio Tinto to launch own offensive on BHP bid; Spitfire closes $6m float subscriptions early.

Carpenter calls on Costello for more cash

Premier Alan Carpenter has called on Federal Treasurer Peter Costello, who is visiting Perth today, to allocate more money to the State Government for infrastructure projects.

Liberals must face the music

Since about April, when Liberal strategists began realising they were unlikely to shake-off Kevin Rudd as easily as initially anticipated, they’ve resorted to using a new phrase.

Costello urged to match Rudd pledge on WA infrastructure fund

WA Treasurer Eric Ripper will push for the Federal Government to establish a $100 million-a-year infrastructure fund for Western Australia, matching a pre-election commitment from Federal Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd.

Remember, the trend is your friend

Like drunks at a party, speculative share traders always say there is time for one more round before quitting.

Overall support for Banks report

THE federal government has agreed in full or in part to 158 of the 178 recommendations from the Banks Taskforce report Rethinking Regulation: Report of the Taskforce on Reducing Regulatory Burdens on

Howard stays in charge

JOHN Howard this week confirmed he would lead the government to the next federal election and not step aside to allow his long-serving deputy and treasurer, Peter Costello, to take over the reigns.

Uncertain times after Howard

The latest silly fracas between the nation’s two top Liberals – Prime Minister John Howard and his deputy Peter Costello – over who’ll be king of the castle highlights several troubling features within Liberal ranks.

Costello suggests federal takeover

Treasurer Peter Costello has called for the Commonwealth to take the responsibility for tax, interest rates, industrial relations and ports away from the states.

PM’s retirement just not news

Virtually since day one of the present century, Australians have been subjected to a steadily increasing stream of media reports on whether and when Prime Minister John Howard, who is not yet 67, will retire.

Take care throwing stones

Just before Anzac Day, several senior federal Liberal MPs had fun slinging off at Labor leader, Kim Beazley, because he’d forgotten, during a radio interview, the names of a few South Australian senators.

Another wasted opportunity?

Federal treasurer Peter Costello has convened a two-man inquiry into Australia’s tax burden and how it lines-up against so-called “comparable countries”.

Petrochemical pipe dreams a concern

Oh dear. It looks like we’ve inherited a premier who is having big ideas and wants to do things, a very dangerous combination.

Today's headlines from around the country

A review of national business headlines.

Costello closes book on leadership battle

Treasurer Peter Costello has announced he won’t take on Prime Minister John Howard in a pre-Budget leadership showdown.

GST battle a stand-off we had to have

There is a fascinating battle under way over states’ rights and taxation, with federal Treasurer Peter Costello wielding his new-found power as chieftain of the biggest pot of gold the nation has ever seen – the GST.

Industry disputes WET relief

WHILE it appears that the State’s wine industry has secured a windfall with an increased wine equalisation tax rebate in this week’s Federal Budget, Leeuwin Estate chairman and long-time critic of WET, Denis Horgan, is disappointed the Government has not

Failure to provide a clear signal

PETER Costello’s sixth Federal Budget might have delivered little that business wasn’t already expecting, but the corporate world should not be too disappointed.

Stimulus lacking from Costello’s 6th Budget

BUSINESS people praying for some economic stimulation from the Federal Govern-ment’s Budget will be disappointed.

Year of council tax reform effort reviewed

LAST year was a big year for the Property Council of Australia’s lobbying efforts on tax reform, a battle it fought on three fronts – the Ralph report, GST and stamp duty.

Thumbs up for budget

WA business leaders and academics have given this Federal Budget the big thumbs up. In Perth, more than 130 business leaders and academics were treated to an analysis of the Budget at a Committee for Economic Development of Australia briefing.