Michael Gloyne

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Michael Gloyne
Chief Operating Officer / PMI Gold Corporation
Mr. Gloyne is a mining engineer with over 25 years' experience in developing mining projects, from Bankable Feasibility Study, design and development
through to production. He has held senior management positions with major mining and mining services organizations globally, most recently as
General Manager - Operations with the Australian iron ore company Brockman Resources Limited and General Manager - Operations with Moly Mines
Limited, during the Bankable Feasibility Study on the 20Mpta Spinifex Ridge Molybdenum Project. Prior to that, he was General Manager - Business
Development with Brambles Industrial Services, with responsibility for large-scale, long-distance mine haulage operations, Manager Contracting for
Boral ACM and held other senior positions with leading mining and contracting companies including Henry Walker Contracting Pty Ltd, 7 years with
Dominion Mining Limited developing and managing gold mining operations in Western Australia and the Northern Territory and as Resident Mine
Manager at the Reedy Gold Mine for Metana Minerals Limited.


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