Mauricio Ferreira

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Mauricio Ferreira
Mauricio Ferreira has more than 35 years of experience in the natural resources and energy sectors. He has managed distinct functions from exploration to sales and marketing in different businesses including iron ore, gold, fertilisers, kaolin and energy. In the early 1990s, Mr Ferreira was actively involved in the exploration and development of three gold mines in Brazil. He was director of special projects in sustainability and energy, chief executive of Vale Energia Limpa (Clean Energy), director of business development at Vale Oil & Gas, and chief executive of PPSA Kaolim Mine and CADAM SA. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Geology at Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro and attended the PhD program at the University of Western Ontario. Mr Ferreira has supplemented his experience with extensive executive education at Ibmec, University of Sao Paulo, Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, INSEAD and the International Institute for Management Development.


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