Mani Vekaria

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Mani Vekaria
Non-Executive Director / HelpingMinds
Mani Vekaria has been fortunate to have lived and worked in both the public and private sectors in three continents: Europe (London), Africa (Nairobi), and now Australia (Perth). She maintains a close relationship with her community which originates from Kutch, Gujarat, India. Ms Vekaria volunteers at various events throughout the year and has previously served on her community committee as vice president for three years. She has an insight on how communities work when living in different countries and the challenges this brings for families. Mental Health is not talked about openly in many minority communities due to stigma. Families try to manage the mental illness internally rather than reach out for assistance. Having witnessed first-hand the trauma and difficulty that the person affected and the carer is faced with, Ms Vekaria wishes to bring awareness of the assistance and support that HelpingMinds can provide to assist the person, families and carers on their difficult journeys.


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