Leonie Liveris

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Leonie Liveris
Dr Leonie Liveris is an adjunct senior research fellow at Curtin University. She is an independent consultant historian for the renewal and heritage of cemeteries and chair of the Monument Assessment and Advisory Committee. She has presented papers at national and international conferences on cemetery renewal, and served on various state and national government boards and committees including multicultural affairs, hospital boards and the sexual assault advisory committee. Dr Liveris is the author of The Dismal Trader, Memories Eternal — 100 Years of Karrakatta Cemetery and Monuments and Masons. Dr Liveris was a consultant for the International Orthodox Women’s Network (Geneva), an invited keynote speaker at various conferences, and has numerous publications in this area of research. She holds a Bachelor of Arts (Hons), Master of Philosophy and Doctor of Philosophy in History.


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