John Strong

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John Strong
John Strong is a leader, entrepreneur and innovator in the technology industry. He is the chief executive of Adaptive Medias, one of the first companies to offer a mobile video player specifically for mobile devices. Prior to his appointment at Adaptive Medias, John founded, invested and managed a number of successful technology-based companies including, a Los Angeles-based social media company;, a New Mexico-based travel site;, a London-based payment platform;, a high-tech home security company;, the "AirBnB"​ for retail space;, a San Francisco-based on-demand storage company; and, a leading industrial metal 3D printing company. Mr Strong holds a Bachelor's Degree from the University of New Mexico. He is the co-founder of Inqubus, a startup accelerator based in California, and is also co-founder of Adams Pharmaceuticals in New York City which holds patents on developing treatments for arteriosclerosis.

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