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Breakup of old council cost $52 million

THE break-up of the old Perth City Council and the creation of the Towns of Cambridge, Vincent and Victoria Park has cost $52 million.

CEO given discretion

COUNCIL CEO Garry Hunt has been authorised to set the auction reserve price and a minimum sale price for the sale of council’s property at 998 and 1000 Wellington Street, West Perth.

Buoyancy gives Budget foundation

THE fourth Costello Budget was an interesting one from a number of points of view.

Keystart injects $199m into housing industry

THE housing industry will gain through the $199 million expansion of the Keystart Housing Scheme to a total allocation of $499 million to give 5,000 low to moderate income homebuyers access to their own homes.

WA bush receives State budget boost

RURAL WA will get a boost from some of the projects outlined in this State Budget. Nearly $40 million has been set aside for the development of the $200 million maritime support facility and the marine industry technology park at Jervoise Bay.

State Budget and RFA released

THE handing down of the State Budget and the signing of the Regional Forest Agreement with the Federal Government made for a busy start to this month.

Rock lobster first

WA’S western rock lobster fishery could become the first in the world to receive international certification as a sustainable, well managed fishery under the recently established Marine Stewardship Council.

Aquaculture in demand

WA WAS touted to more than 3,000 delegates as a world class site for aquaculture development at the recent World Aquaculture ’99 international conference in Sydney.

Government must hold firm

THE Federal Government should hold the line, press ahead with a reform agenda of the financial sector and avoid any tendency towards populist backsliding, which could undo all the good that has been done says ASX chairman, Maurice Newman.

Clough scores $116.7 in a week

THE Clough group has won contracts worth $116.7 million in just one week. The group’s Indonesian subsidiary PT Petrosea TBK has won a three year extension to a major coal mining contract in the province of Kalimantan on Borneo worth $91 million.

Females good bosses: men

ONE fifth of men think females make better managers, a 1,000 subject survey by recruiter Alectus has found.

Censoring the net must begin at home

The Federal Government’s move to censor the Internet is a cynical exercise which is doomed to fail. The Broadcasting Services Amendment (Online Services) Bill has been developed by television regulators blundering into a field they know little about.

Corporate players live life in a bubble

The current flutter of hearts along the Terrace is probably not due to coronary disease but another 20th century life threatening condition: bubble-itis.

Wood exports tipped to rise

EXPORTS of Australian sawnwood and wood-based panels are tipped to rise appreciably over the next decade as log availability increases, says ABARE executive director Brian Fisher.

Seafood better bought than caught: survey

WHILE the debate about sharing fisheries between commercial and recreational fishermen rages, it appears Western Australians would rather buy their seafood than catch it.

Quality plan to boost SW jobs

NEW jobs are expected to be created and food commodity exports boosted from the South West by a new quality assurance program.

Perth airport rates well in survey

PERTH Airport has rated highly in a survey of quality of service by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

WA doctors to subcontinent

THE WA-based Australia Clinic has signed agreements with a major hospital in Pakistan and a business partner in Mumbai, Western India.

Mozambique investigated

A RECENT trade mission to South Africa and Mozambique by a WA business delegation investigated new and emerging commercial opportunities.

Freedom buys Guest

FREEDOM Furniture is acquiring the family-owned Guests Group that owns and operates 13 Guests and 5 Ander-sons furniture stores in WA, Victoria and Queensland.

Virtual life to be a reality by 2010

IT has been observed that 80 per cent to 90 per cent of the organisations we work in today will not exist in twenty years time or will be radically different.

Great hopes for wild card

THREE strikes for Carnarvon Petroleum NL are likely to have its directors and shareholders, cracking open the Vintage Brut to celebrate.

New technology catalyst for competition

A WA-based research centre has developed a spin-off company that has drawn intense interest from US venture capitalists.

Organiser teed off

A WA golf events organiser is chasing the assets of Greg Norman’s failed World Golf Club.

Suspension pays bonus

MORE than 10 years of research and development to design new four wheel drive suspension technology has paid off handsomely – about $51 million worth – for an enterprising Dunsborough identity.

Successful branding builds presence

I AM fascinated by companies, particularly successful companies. Some companies seem to operate as such an impregnable force and market presence that they never falter – Coca Cola, Mercedes or, on a local scale, Brownes.

UK market beckons grain cleaner

A SMALL Dongara-based agricultural machinery manufacturer, Nufab Industries, is on the brink of breaking into lucrative markets in the UK and Europe.

Australia sets new standard

THE next stage of a risk management revolution has been released by Standards Australia.

Marron environment to be studied

A THREE year study into the impacts of environmental changes on marron will receive $45,180 in government funding.