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Sealanes is a South Fremantle-based food services, seafood distribution and ship supply business. The business was started by Antonio Vergona, who migrated from Sicily in 1895 with his wife and 3 children - Bob, Joe and Mary. Mr Vergona opened the Roma Fruit Palace in Market Street, Fremantle in 1912. Mary subsequently married Salvatore Paino, who came to Fremantle when he was around 19 years of age. He would visit the Roma and buy Italian goods, and one day asked Mr Vergona for a job. Salvatore inherited the shop after Mr Vergona retuned to Italy. He went on to grow the business with the help of Mary and her brothers, Bob and Joe. Salvatore expanded from selling groceries to fresh seafood and supplying ships coming into the port of Fremantle during World War 2. Salvatore and Mary had five children, including Sam and Victor, who became joint managing directors and bought out their siblings. Victor sold his share in 2004, leaving Sam as the owner. His daughter Leeanda became chief executive in 2004, after her father had a stroke. In 2016, the Paino family sold Sealanes to Melbourne-based Superior Food Services.

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178 Marine Terrace, SOUTH FREMANTLE WA 6162
08 9432 8888

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